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Massive Clan Fights!

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Latest News

Update: 07/12-16

Christmas is sneaking up from around the corner, which means santa is coming or something like that.
A christmas event will be entering OS-V sometime next week, if santa wants to visit. Of course.

Game Changes:

  • The way ranged strength was calculated have been reworked.
  • 150 Consecutive tasks have been sorted, sorry for this. http://image.prntscr.com/image/47444dda503e4c5499d29798b9bb370e.png
  • The attack animation of gargoyles have been sorted out.
  • Gargoyles droptable have been buffed some.
  • Nechryael droptable have been buffed some.
  • Dust devil droptable have been buffed some, now also dropping the dust battlestaff.
  • The pest control reward prices have been reduced quite some. Refer to: https://os-v.org/forums/showthread.php?13670-Pest-Control
  • The door at skilling area is now removed upon entering.
  • The skilling outfits have been altered and should now be proper for OSRS modes as well.

Behind the Scenes

PK District

What is PK-District?

Pk-District is our own version of the 'Tournament Worlds'.
Wheres you are able to enter the district, but cannot bring any items with you.

What happens if I enter the district?

While entering the district your combat stats will all be set to 99, and can be manually set to the chosen levels while inside. (Do not panic, they will be reversed with your recent XP when returning to reality)
Fighting within the district will reward you with some amount of blood money if you manage to kill someone.

How do I receive gear to PK with?

Inside the district there are two available shops for you to use, one that is completely free containing misc PK gear, runes, arrows and what-not.
And the other shop is a blood money currency shop, whereas you can spend your earned blood money on higher tier gear and weapons.

What's the use of blood money?

Our idea of the blood money currency is that you are able to collect it while killing players while in the district, and if wanted you are able to purchase higher tier gear for blood money which can be used for risk-fighting while at the district as the gear and weapons can be sold back to the shop.
From the district, you are able to transfer your blood money over to reality whereas it can be spent in a shop.

What happens with my items (That I had while in the district)?

When leaving the district, ALL the items you are wearing/holding will be deleted. UNLESS you deposit your valueables that you want to keep within the safe-box that the Doomsayer is providing. (These items may only be withdrawn while at the district, unless it's blood money)

To be continued...

Note: anything in this thread is subject to change, we are currently just in a basic stage of having this idea become a reality.
any feedback and/or ideas are appreciated.