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Update: 12/1-17 | Placeholders | Ironman restriction lift | Updates & Fixes

Hope you all enjoy todays batch of updates!

Game Changes:

  • Corporeal beast weaponry defencives have been altered, the zamorakian spear is now the best choice against it.
  • Abyssal bludgeon accuracy have been tweaked some, let me know if it needs further tweaking.
  • The infernal axe burn rate have been altered and should no longer execute more often while not being worn.
  • Moonclan teleport have been added once again, however you are only able to access half of the island due to map issues.
  • Bludgeon spine, claw and axon will now be kept on death.
  • Ironmen are now able to browse and purchase items from Doomsayer's shop.
  • The max cape hood is now deleted properly while creating an ardougne max cape.
  • The ardougne max cape now have it's proper stats.
  • Lootations should no longer broadcast lower tier items, if I have missed any. Let me know.
  • Clicking "rank" in quest tab will now tell you which ranks you currently inherit.
  • The ironman donation rank is no longer capped at contributor, meaning ironmen can obtain higher ranks suchs as supporter, vip etc..
  • If you are an ironman, your rank should be updated upon login. If not, let me know and I will sort it out.
  • Ancient magic tab was edited to match current version of 07.
  • Bank interface have been reworked.
    • New content buttons including
    • Bank-pin
    • Item-swapping toggle
    • Item-note toggle
    • Placeholder toggle
    • Deposit inventory
    • Deposit equipment
    • Placeholders have been added to the bank system.
    • Will always set placeholder if the toggle is activated.
    • Can right click and use "placeholder" option if you do not want the placeholder toggle to be active.
    • A warning will be pushed in your chatbox when you are attempting to release a placeholder, asking you to click it once more to ensure no misclicks.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes

New bank interface created.
Bank placeholders have been added.

Latest 07 data have been gathered;
(note: do not mind the bonuses on the shield, they were not updated)