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Update: 10/3-17

Evening, Veldaharians.
Today I bring some fixes and QOL updates to you all;
Within the coming week I will be focusing on raids bosses/weapons and have them released asap.

Game Changes:

  • The zamorakian spear now requires 70 attack as supposed to.
  • The experience gained from vengeance as osrs mode have been sorted.
  • A bug in pk-district have been sorted.
  • Sorted alch values for Pegasians, Eternals, Primordials and Zenyte ***elry
  • Buffed cooking experience for anglerfish and dark crabs.
  • The max cape option of swithing spellbook can now be used outside of edgeville as well, but not in the wilderness.
  • The max cape now have a teleport option in which you can choose to teleport to; Crafting guild, your slayer task and the puro puro portal.
  • Woodcutting pet chance have been buffed slightly.
  • Abyssal orphan pet chance have been increased.
  • You are now able to obtain a Phoenix pet through the firemaking skill.
  • Shift drop have been implemented.
  • You are no longer able to blow glass without the glassblowing pipe.
  • Ironman modes will now receive experience while in pvp combat.
  • You are now able to enter the cerberus chamber without an active task, but cannot enter the boss room without one. (Same with the key master teleport)
  • Key master teleport have been added to cerberus Always table.
  • Armadyl minions will now drop noted crushed nests.
  • Zamorak minions will now drop noted wine of zamorak.
  • Larupia have been added to Aleck's Hunter Emporium, this set helps with catching/failing rates.
  • Impling experience have been tripled.
  • WOGW Bonus experience should be sorted.
  • Experience bonuses have been buffed significantly for the following skilling outfits;
    • Rogue

    • Pyromancer

    • Prospector

    • Farmer's

    • Lumberjack

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes

New bank interface created.
Bank placeholders have been added.

Latest 07 data have been gathered;
(note: do not mind the bonuses on the shield, they were not updated)