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Re-Launch Q&A

Hello, Veldaharians.

In the last couple of days we've been getting quite alot of questions regarding the re-launch of the server, so we have compiled a list of the most common Questions & Answers below.

If you have any further questions or anything to say about these, do so in a reply below.

Q: Are the usernames and passwords going to remain the same as previously to avoid account sniping?
A: No, they are not. Since we no longer have the character files theres is no way for us to manage this, however we will be trying to hand out the names to the previous owners of them. (If taken)

Q: Will you keep your previous donator status?
A: Yes, but since we do not have the character files this will have to be given out manually by me and park. The factors we currently have to compare to is the recent donation history and the forum ranks. (We will open another rank request board as well for you to apply for your rank(s))

Q: Will you get a refund of previous donator points?
A: No, this would demolish the economy in many ways.

Q: Will you receive something else in regards for your previous donations?
A: Possible, this is still being discussed in terms of handing out some kind of cosmetic or row etc..

Q: Will those who were previously banned get a second chance?
A: Yes, they will be given another chance.

Q: What is being worked on now during the maintenance?
A: We have a couple of beta testers on a test server who is contributing their time into finding issues, coming with ideas and generally helping out for this to go a smooth as possible.

Q: Will old/loyal players be rewarded in any way?
A: Yes, as stated previously in a thread we are going to unlock the Veteran rank which previously only was for ex-staff. There will be a thread where you can request the rank both on the forum and ingame. If you meet the requirements, of course. (Requirements are still to be decided)

Behind the Scenes


As you all know our current advertisements around different forums and toplists are outdated;

So this week I will be taking on re-doing the adverts completely; I will be needing/wanting some screenshots taken by you players ingame, you can upload them to imgur and post them in a reply here;

Current stage;

Current #2:

Players Online: 4