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OS-Veldahar Website Issues

Good evening, Veldaharians!

Most of you already know the old "face" of os-v, which back then was @Jason

Last time I was in contact with him was a couple of days ago, in which he insisted to come back to the server and to hold a percentage of the income.
I kindly declined due to zero trust in him.

He is now on a march on attempt to "destroy" or mess up os-v in the ways he can.
Yesterday/early today parts of the website went down; reason?

Jason had an old root account which he had access to (Which I stupidly did not know about) and deleted all of the databases.

I had a feeling he would act this way and had a backup made awhile ago.

The website and databases are now back up and working properly.

Friendly reminder; Be safe and do not keep near those you do not trust.

[FONT=arial black]NOTICE: If somehow the domain address "os-v.org" would stop working. Check back once in awhile but with the domain address "osveldahar.org"


Jason's word stating he did have access to the MySQL.

The connections from Jason's IP; By the time the databases were deleted; v

Extra; (Reason why the os-v.org domain might go down.) (NOTE: I have paid him for a year and theres still three months left, so if it's out before that. Then he is a scammer as well)

Query Logs:

http://pastebin.com/tr1XaZBn[FONT=Verdana] (Removed IP addresses and highscore rows of players)[/FONT]

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes

New bank interface created.
Bank placeholders have been added.

Latest 07 data have been gathered;
(note: do not mind the bonuses on the shield, they were not updated)