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Latest News

Update 18/1-17 | Ground item names | UNF pot creator

Hope you all enjoy todays batch of updates!

Game Changes:

  • Rune pouch interface will now lower the opacity of items that cannot be stored in there.
  • The Always placeholder option will now be saved.
  • Failing the random event will no longer tell you that you have been teleported to jail.
  • If you are to get a cerberus task without having the route unlocked, you should be able to reset the task for free.
  • You are now able to imbue the colored versions of the slayer helmets as well.
  • Items dropped on the ground manually or through death will now be hidden for 2 minutes rather than 1.
  • Bob barter is now able to create UNF potions at a fixed price, simply use a noted set of herbs on him with the same amount of noted vials of water. And the money of course.
    • He is creating UNF potions at a fixed price of 250gp per pot.

  • Oziach is now willing to sell the shield right half if you have completed hard wilderness diaries, at a price of 5M gp.
  • Another client feature have been added which is ground item names.
    • You can toggle this feature in the settings tab.
    • Names are visible for approx 15 tiles distance.
    • Dependant on your distance to the items, the text will fade.
    • You can also enter the configure interface from the settings tab where you can:
    • Set a minimum value of items you want to show.
    • Set color of your choice to any item.
    • Clear all current set colors.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes

New bank interface created.
Bank placeholders have been added.

Latest 07 data have been gathered;
(note: do not mind the bonuses on the shield, they were not updated)